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Hello Reader,

If you’ve been on my newsletter list for a while (some of you have been subscribed for more than 15 years!) then you know that I go through a major brand pivot every few years.

If you’re kinda new, welcome to the world of a polymath!

Da Vinci was unable to keep his interests confined to one field, and neither am I.

I’ve been sending two different newsletters for the past few months:

Many of you are receiving both email newsletters, because you have shown interest in both topics. Some of you only get one or the other, because I’m a marketing automation nerd who likes to segment lists for fun.

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I haven’t been sending emails to either of these newsletters for a few weeks, because I wanted to channel my creative energy into a new project.

Some of you may know, I flunked out of Thought Leaders Business School. This was my decision, not theirs - I wasn’t getting financial results after 3.5 years in the program. I might write up my reflections on that experience near the end of the year, or I may just leave it at that.

This has given me the space to reassess my career, and the kind of work I want to be doing in the world. This extra space has enabled me to temporarily devote my time to a new project, which could blossom into a new creative direction for my work in 2024.

I have no plans (at the moment) to stop either of my newsletters, and I’ve recently written the upcoming issues for the rest of 2024.

Today’s message is to let you know about the reason for my hiatus, and to invite you to review my new project:


I held it off for as long as I could, but my evolution into a crypto-bro was inevitable. 😄

video preview

I have been having so much fun investing in cryptocurrency since 2017, and exploring the many fascinating corners of web3, that I have decided to combine this passionate interest with one of the most valuable (and least leveraged) skills that I possess: I can make a lot of great videos quickly.

I'll be publishing longer episodes every Friday, 10-15 minutes long, and shorter 1-minute videos throughout the week.

The brand I’m using is a little rough around the edges, but it serves as a proof-of-concept that I can use to ally myself with a larger project: a token or a platform that would benefit from a brand champion.

My plan is to find an ally in 2024 that could use a wise, loud, and articulate voice, and Token Trader TV is the experiment I am using to develop this idea.

If you have an interest in web3 or cryptocurrency investing, then I invite you to follow my new project on the socials:

I’m creating a web2 presence for this brand, because my goal is to help people who are ready to make their first steps into cryptocurrency investing.

If that’s you, I’d appreciate some follows and some comments on my posts. I plan to produce videos regularly through the end of 2023, and then stop and reassess at the new year. I am completely open to feedback, and if you have thoughts to share, I'd love to know what you think.

If you don’t want to hear about this topic, CLICK HERE and I will make sure to never email you about it.

If you think this topic is interesting, please reply and answer this question:

What’s the hardest thing about cryptocurrency for you, right now?

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