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When you have somebody's full attention, use it.

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

Your thank-you page is where your website visitors have maximum interest in who you are, and what you do.

When you have somebody's full attention, use it.

The thank-you page is the only page on your website that has a 100% opt-in rate. Everyone who sees has just subscribed to your email newsletter, or bought a product from you.

During this moment of their Customer Journey, when they are transitioning from one stage to another, people are at their most impressionable. They are completely open to following instructions. Use this opportunity to clearly describe what actions they can take next.

What do you want your newest email subscribers to know about you right away? Say, "Thank you, and now..."

It's like the concierge gift basket on your first day at a resort.

If you've ever stayed at a fancy resort, you may have received a gift basket on your first day. It's full of treats, and brochures highlighting local attractions. Getting this gift basket on the last day of your vacation might not be very useful; but just when you arrive, when you are ready to explore, having these options clearly available can help you decide what to do next.

That's what your thank-you page can do for your new subscribers: treat them like a VIP. They just convinced themselves to subscribe, so make them feel like they made the right decision.

According to Falcon-10, customers spend 20-40% more with companies they have interacted with on social. Get your new subscribers to follow your social media accounts!

You can also put a survey (or a link to one) on your thank-you page. This collects valuable market research on the members of your list.

"Placing a survey on a thank-you page is ideal for getting subscribers involved early in their sales journey with your company." - Mason Hindle

Go to your thank-you page right now (or make a draft at, and make a list of what you should add.

Some common items on a thank-you page include:

  • Links/icons to your social media accounts
  • Links to your best blog posts or articles
  • Instructions on how to find your emails in their spam folder, and whitelist your email address
  • Links to your ebooks or whitepapers
  • Coupon codes to purchase your digital programs at a discount
  • A survey asking them about their challenges related to your primary topics
  • Your publication schedule, so they know when to expect to hear from you
  • A video thanking them for subscribing
  • A paragraph containing your Elevator Pitch or Personal Statement
  • Affiliate links to recommended resources

Selling through gratitude is much more effective than selling through interruption. Thank your subscribers, and ask them to do more with you.

If you want some inspiration, you can see my thank-you page here:


Stellar Platforms Newsletter

by Caelan Huntress

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