What makes teamwork really work? #TeamHabits

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This week, my friend Charlie Gilkey is launching a new book, Team Habits: How Small Actions Lead to Extraordinary Results.

I was a big fan of his first book, Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done. (See my video review here.) Charlie has once again proven his ability to navigate the complex world of productivity, but this time he's focusing on teamwork and collaboration, offering insights that are both profound and practical.

Team Habits is not just another book about teamwork; it's a guide to understanding the hidden dynamics that make teams thrive. From power dynamics to personal relationships, from embracing the hybrid future of work to navigating trends like the "quiet quitting" phenomenon, this book covers it all.

Like my own book, Marketing Yourself: How to Elevate your Personal Platform to the Next Level , the book offers a choose-your-own-adventure style of reading. You can identify which of the eight categories of Team Habits are causing the most issues, based on the Team Habits Assessment, and skip right to the chapters that matter most to you:

  1. Belonging
  2. Decision-making
  3. Goal-setting and prioritization
  4. Planning
  5. Communication
  6. Collaboration
  7. Meetings
  8. Core Team Habits

If you've ever felt that your team could be more productive, more cohesive, and more aligned with your organization's goals, this book is sure to be a valuable read.

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🚀 Transform your team's dynamics with #TeamHabits

This book focuses on the 4-10 closest professional relationships you have. Even as a solopreneur, I've found the frameworks and advice to be universally applicable to how I interact with clients, with my virtual assistants, and with my professional colleagues.

Team Habits will help you foster a sense of belonging within your team, enhance communication and collaboration, and shift the focus from personal productivity to systemic team dynamics.

What I like about this book is how the advice works for any member of a team. Whether you're a team leader, a team member, or an organization looking to transform the way you work, Team Habits offers actionable insights and practical tools to make teamwork work.

Learn more about Team Habits at BetterTeamHabits.com.

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